The company



We are focussed on customer satisfaction, high quality service and commitment as a differentiator against the competition.



We conduct our personal and business relationship with the proper ethical and professional behaviour.


Long-Term Relationship

We build a lasting relationship with our customers and suppliers through our continuous commitment to quality and service.



We are committed to on-going research for better, more modern, more effective, and more balanced solutions for rest.

Our mission

We want to be recognized as a benchmark in innovative solutions and excellence in rest. Always keeping in mind a good correlation between price and quality.quality.

We want to be valued by our continual concern and commitment to creating solutions that fulfil the highest expectations of the consumer in terms of comfort, ergonomics, environment and health.

Our vision

We take very seriously our signature “Your well-deserved rest“.

Our goal is to provide a better quality of life for people who use our solutions, which are the result of a mix that we are proud of.

We strive to innovate, create and develop solutions that improve the quality of rest for our customers because this represents a project direct towards the benefit of the community as a whole.

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