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Population suffers from sleeping problems


Population suffers from back pain


Population sleeps less than 6 hours per day

Influencia no sono de uma solução de descanso COLMED®

We realized through the studies that REM sleep, restful sleep is essential for physical and emotional recovery.

We also know that, as we age, the amount of REM sleep declines, reaching only 20% of the total sleep in adulthood.

We also recognize that, in today’s modern world, sleeping time is becoming less. For many, it is only 5 to 6 hours.

In conclusion, sleeping fewer hours and having a lower percentage of REM sleep contributes to a general lack of sleep quality.

Therefore, it is essential to choose the technically correct solution for rest so that we can quickly reach deep, restful sleep.

Colmed ® technical solutions for rest are the result of research into new materials and ergonomic innovative compositions that promote better breathing and blood circulation, allowing important muscle relaxation and the much desired critical and restorative REM sleep.

COLMED ® is your well-deserved rest!

Duração de 8 horas de sono
Duração de 6 horas de sono

Colmed rest proves itself to us through graphic systems:

•A sleeping period of 8 hours contains 2 REM cycles with a minimum of 60 minutes each (120 minutes total).

•A sleeping period of 6 hours contains up to 100 minutes of REM sleep.

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